About MLR – Our Team of Slate Roofing Experts

Located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, MLR Slate Roofing is one of Sydney’s preferred installers of slate roofs.

Raised in the UK, our Managing Director Matt Rimmer is an award-winning Master Roofer. Matt is fully trained in how to select, specify and install slate roofing and he is an expert in managing slate roofing projects.

This expertise allows Matt and his team to offer a service that is simply the best in the state, and is recognised for paying respect to slate roofing’s centuries-old traditions. This roofing expertise also means that our team is skilled in working to the highest standards of contemporary architectural roofing.

The MLR Slate Roofing team are dedicated to producing top quality roofing results. We take immense pride in our roofing work. Our professional knowledge of roofing and its materials means that we build roofs that not only look fantastic, but are designed to last well over a century.

Highest Quality Roofing Materials

For centuries, slate has been the preferred and proven roofing material for many builders, architects and homeowners because of its unrivalled durability and longevity. All of these aspects are coupled with its natural qualities ensure a beautiful roof that is highly resistant to acids, chemicals and temperature extremes. You can read more about our roofing products here.

Given our vast experience, the MLR team knows how to maintain, conserve and repair roofs using the appropriate traditional materials and techniques. Our roofing and restoration services include:

  1. Prestigious new homes
  2. Existing heritage buildings in Sydney and across NSW such as Churches and schools
  3. Commercial buildings where a long lasting, special roofing finish is sought
  4. Specialised architectural projects
  5. Attention to detail that is second to none
  6. Project management and personal inspection of each job site done by our Managing Director

Convenient Service throughout Sydney

Our team looks after our clients’ roofing needs across Sydney. We pride ourselves in offering competitive slate roofing prices and superior customer service. From start to finish, MLR Slate Roofing is Sydney’s best slate roofer. We will always strive to provide you with hassle-free slate roofing supply and installation process.

With over 25 years’ experience providing quality workmanship and exceptional customer service, we specialise in all slate roof construction, restorations, installation and repairs in both residential and commercial properties. Our speciality is slate roof repairs and renovations for Heritage listed properties. See for yourself, some of our heritage slate roof projects here.

MLR Slate Roofing has a mission to simplify the process of selecting products and helping our clients get the best slate roofing installation that we can provide.

Our customer service assurance provides you with peace of mind and 100% satisfaction, backed by our 18 year written warranty on all new roofs.

Another close up view of MLR SLATE ROOFING'S high quality Slate roofing repair and restore work in Sydney