Slate roofing award winning slate roofing in Sydney

MLR Slate Roofing: Best Use Of Slate Award Winner

MLR Slate Roofing has been awarded the “Best Use of Slate” award for 2016. The award-winning slate project is located in Mosman NSW, and features a roof of special blue slate imported from the Penrhyn Slate quarry located near Bethesda in North Wales, UK.

MLR Slate Roofing strives to be a leading slate roofing company. It’s no surprise that MLR Slate Roofing has been recognised by the Roofing Industry Association NSW for the quality of our slate roofing workmanship. (The Roofing Industry Association NSW is the peak industry body for slate roofing in the state of NSW).

This prestigious award is awarded annually to just one slate roofing company in the entire state of NSW. Competition is tough with many slate roofing companies eager to take out this prestigious award. Only accredited members of the Roofing Industry Association NSW can be eligible for this special award. The criteria for slate roofing awards such as this are comprehensive, and provide an insight into what separates a true quality slate roof from a run-of-the-mill roof.

MLR Slate Roofing impressed the judges on the following criteria:

  • High quality of slate and other materials used
  • High standard of construction
  • Quality of roofing skills
  • Quality and joinery
  • High standards in site management
  • Quality of detail in the work
  • Use of suitable materials
  • Work being completed on time and on budget