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How To Maintain a New Roof


There is no greater feeling than standing back and admiring a newly renovated roof. Many think that preserving the fresh, modern and well-maintained facade is impossible as time goes on. The reality is, the more attention you give to your new roof, the more it’s condition and appearance will improve in return. Here are MLR’s top tips on how to maintain a new roof. 


Spring Clean Your New Roof

Clearing out gutters, downpipes and removing fallen debris is the number one maintenance move for any new roof. Fallen branches, pollutants and leaves can forge internal water leaks and promote mould and mildew growth throughout your roof cavity. Safely clearing out congested gutters ensures your roof can properly drain and repel bacteria and vermin. If you’re unsure how to safely clean your roof or are uncomfortable doing so, always consult a professional.


Control Surrounding Threats

Seek to minimise the risk of pollutants falling onto your new roof. Trimming overhanging trees or installing bird spikes to prevent a landing strip for the native wildlife, will significantly prolong the health of your new roof. Animal droppings, tree sap and leaves easily stain and penetrate a roof’s new surface. Controlling external threats will ensure your roof will be debris and pollutant free.


Repel moss and mould

In warmer climates and seasons of heavy rainfall, moss and mould spores are known to grow in between tiles. Mould that is left to fester can become an eyesore, as well as a significant risk to your health. By safely removing the residue using a little elbow grease and applying spray repellents, this ensures your roof tiles will uphold a clean and new quality.


Seek Professional Help

Investing in a regular roof inspection or a quick fix to ensure your roof is safe will protect you and your family from disaster. Years of neglect or exposure to dangerous storms can pose dangerous, unseen risks to your home’s new roof. Calling in a professional for a quick look over is as necessary as an annual dental visit.


For all of your roofing needs and more expert advice, contact us to ensure your roof is maintained and restored to its highest quality.


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