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Tile or Metal Roof- Which is Best For Your Home?


Tile or metal roof? Roofing specialists get asked this question quite often. The answer is dependant on many factors, including budget factors and environmental and structural considerations. With new trends emerging in the design and construction of Australian homes, traditional materials tend to change. Modern homes are now seen with a metal or tin roof, rather than traditional concrete tiles and slate alternatives. We recommend considering the following points when you select a roof material based on practicality over personal preference.



We all know how costly renovations can become. You can find a great roofing specialist that will meet your budget, but the materials you choose can blow it out of proportion. Traditional terracotta tiles are more expensive by a mile- as that sought-after Mediterranean look does come at a price. With concrete and ceramic tiles, you’ll be expecting to pay around $80- $120 per square metre, with the price climbing for terracotta.

For limited budgets, metal roof is the way to go in terms of value. For an unlimited amount of colours and a profile to suit every house, your dream home can be achieved for a reasonable price. With extended warranties, you can expect to pay around $50-60 per square metre.



Tiles add a beautiful, charming aesthetic to a home. Hampton’s, Spanish, Californian Bungalow and Mediterranean styles all heavily feature the use of tiles in their design. Tiled roofing has swept the market of coastal homes and housing estates, as these styles have made a strong come back in the past few years. Gable and hipped style roofs best suit tiles, as their brilliant gloss shines nicely in the sun and can be seen from the ground up.

For modern and coastal style homes, a metal roof is recommended. These styles often steer away from traditional styles of roofing- requiring a material that can work with curves and flat styles of roofing. Metal roofing can appear to be sleek, crisp and contemporary- to perfectly complement an architectural wonder.



Unconventional colour choices are a perfect way to top off a contemporary home design or renovation. The colour of a roof isn’t restricted to a traditional terracotta orange, as there are a plethora of options available from Spanish grey to midnight blues.

While tiles have a beautiful lustre and complement most homes- they do come in restricted colours. Most tiles are only available in shades of ochre and blue- which can look mismatched with many styles of homes.

Unlike tiles, metal roofing has no limits when it comes to a colour palette. Most manufacturers have colours available in reds, blues, greens, yellows and even purple. Using an unconventional colour choice ensures you’ll be a stand-out in your neighbourhood for years to come.



Tiles are a beautiful, traditional roof covering yet they’re much more porous and fragile compared to metal roofing. Ceramic tiles are prone to chip and crack under severe weathering conditions and require replacement to prevent major leakages. In cooler climates that see less sun, mould and mildew spores easily spread between the tiles. If mould isn’t removed with regular maintenance and cleaning, your family home is exposed to serious health risks. 

A treated metal roof is a great choice for those seeking a low-maintenance solution. A metal roof can withstand Australia’s harsh climate and is non-combustible, making it perfect for bush fire prone areas. However, after long periods of time they could warp, rust and corrode if not treated properly.



A metal roof offers exception insulation qualities- making it a perfect choice for Australia’s testing climate. As a result, a homeowner’s energy bill is significantly reduced depending on their choice of roofing material. When installing new vents and air conditioning systems, a metal roof can be extremely difficult to work with compared to tiled alternatives.

Like metal, tile roofing offers great insulation all year round. Tiled roofing is excellent as an acoustic insulator and does keep the noise at bay- especially during storms. For installation of vents and air conditioning systems, the process is a lot simpler.


We all know how much homeowners take pride in a beautiful roof. Making the right choice for your home’s design and budget is absolutely crucial in creating the perfect home.

For all of your roofing needs and more expert advice, contact us to ensure your roof is maintained and restored to its highest quality.


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