prepare your roof for bush fire season

How To Prepare Your Roof For Bush Fire Season


What steps have you taken to prepare your roof for bush fire season ? After facing some of the hottest days of the year so far,  Australians are bracing themselves for a dangerous summer. With endless beach trips and festivities on our agenda, families often forget how important it is to ensure their homes are protected from bush fires. As the warmer weather creeps in, back burning and purpose-lit fires can spiral out of control- requiring homeowners to be prepared in case of emergency.



No matter where you are located, bush fires are able to ravage rural, coastal and suburban areas. Many believe that they aren’t affected by a bush fire based on the type of area they live in or the distance between the fire and their home.

The reality is, bush fires can victimise areas within a 30 km radius. Embers are easily carried by strong winds and smoke, which pose extreme danger to properties. For homes by the water and those with a large pool, these embers can easily travel through the air and onto your roof.



The team at MLR know the most effective ways to be fire safe this summer. Taking the right steps to prepare your roof for bush fire season can protect your family and home from disaster.



After strong winds and dry seasons, your roof’s gutter is filled with twigs and leaves that are perfect for kindling. Embers that travel around affected areas can easily land in your gutters and cause havoc. Your gutters should be regularly cleared for health and maintenance purposes.



For rural properties, this is a must. Fire sprinkler systems offer external protection for a home and act as a huge help for firefighters. Sprinklers are equally as effective on the ground and can be installed throughout gardens to minimise embers sparking.



By installing these, you can put a firsthand stop to debris collecting in gutters and prevent embers from landing in your roof space. Speciality guards ensure your gutters are fire retardant and are used in Class A fire safe roofing.



Enclosing every gap in a roof can significantly reduce the impact of embers. Wooden beams, insulation and storage in an attic are all incredibly flammable items and are the first point of contact if your home does ignite. For those considering installing a new roof, Class A fire safe roofing should be your first choice. Common fire safe roof coverings are available in fibreglass composition shingles, concrete and clay tiles. Taking steps to ensure your roof is completely fire resistant will significantly improve your fire safety rating.


MLR Slate Roofing have over 20 years experience maintaining and installing roofs across Sydney.  MLR can prepare your roof for bush fire season without the fuss and worry. Leave it to us to ensure your home is fitted with the right gutters and guards this summer. 


For all of your roofing needs and more expert advice, contact us to ensure your roof is maintained at the highest quality. 



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