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Signs You Need Roof Repairs


No matter what style of roof is covering your home, it will require roof repairs during its lifetime. Neglecting signs of a damaged roof can lead to costly and extensive roof repairs down the track. Noticing early signs of a damage ensures your home can be quickly and safely repaired, before imposing major safety and structural threats. We’ve devised the top list of roof repairs signs you should be looking out for.


The Age of Your Roof


For those with shingles or tiles, the rule of thumb is to repair it every 20 years. Despite a roof looking relatively new or stable from the ground, the build up of minor internal, structural and cosmetic damages create an overwhelming amount of problems. Consulting a roofing specialist for an inspection can give you a clear indication into the lifespan of your roof before it requires repairs.


Flashings, That Aren’t So Flash


Flashings surrounding extensions, chimneys, skylights and vents tend to age with time. They serve an important purpose of sealing a join and protecting the roof cavity against weathering and leaks. With time, flashings can lift, puncture or split depending on the material used. A roof inspection to check the condition of these gives clear indications into whether you need a quick fix or a major overhaul in roofing repairs.  


Mould and Mildew Growth


Often people with neglected roof cavities are unaware of the damage it poses to your home. Unseen cracks and openings creates a hazardous breeding environment for mould and mildew spores within the roof cavity. When left untreated, the spores can spread through tiles, gutters, cavities, air vents and indoors. Not only posing a threat to the condition of your roof, these harmful microbes can pose serious health risks to you and your family.  If you notice mould and mildew rapidly growing on your walls and ceilings, consult a professional to inspect the condition of your roof.


When It Rains, It Pours  


Dripping ceilings and indoor waterfalls are the first things that come to mind when we think of needing roof repairs. This is a clear indication of an extensively damaged roof. Falling debris and hail are known to develop cracks and shifting in tiles. This creates an opportunity for water to pool within the roof cavity and leak excessively during torrential rainfall. If left unattended, ceilings and structures cave in due to the structural integrity being compromised.


Tile Warp


This is one of the clearest indicators of a roof needing repair, not a Richard O’Brien rock classic. Slate roof tiles curl, warp or completely fall off when they are poorly installed or a victim of extreme weathering. Slight warping or curling can lead to water and pollutants seeping into your roof cavity, potentially resulting in moisture damage. You may see visible signs of this from the ground, yet consulting a roofing specialist will give you a better indication into whether you require roof repairs.


If your roof is showing one or more of these signs, we recommend contacting our team of trained professionals.  MLR provides roof inspections and emergency roof repairs to clients all over Sydney.


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