Slate Roofing Narrabeen

Slate Roofing Narrabeen

When it comes to slate roofing MLR Slate Roofing are the experts in the field for New South Wales. We’ve encountered and overcome every slate roofing challenge that Sydney has presented us with. We understand that every roofing job presents unique criteria and challenges and we pride ourselves on our ability to rise to the challenge and always leave the customer satisfied. MLR takes extra care with each project, to offer a personalised and complete roofing service. For Slate Roofing services in Narrabeen MLR Slate Roofing is the team to help you. 

MLR Slate Roofing exhibits absolute professionalism and attention to detail on every job. We specialise in working with a set of specific materials and have mastered working with these materials. Slate roofing offers various benefits to every house, from increasing property value to extremely durable roofing that can last for over 100 years! We offer a free quote for all slate roofing in Narrabeen, and will work with you to find a solution that works with your budget and schedule. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to enquire about slate roofing in Narrabeen!

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Roofing Services Narrabeen

Slate Roofing And Repairs

MLR Slate Roofing specialises in installing and repairing slate roofing and is the go-to provider of any slate roofing services in Narrabeen. We can install or repair slate roofing quickly at the highest standard of quality for a fantastic value.

Heritage Roof Restoration

Heritage roof restorations demand extreme expertise in addition to experience in traditional methods of heritage roof restoration. MLR Master Roofer Matt Rimmer has over 26 years experience in traditional heritage roof restorations and has a great knowledge of all the strict heritage guideline requirements. The MLR Slate Roofing team has restored many of Sydney’s oldest heritage properties. 

Copper Cladding And Roofing

Copper roofing, roof plumbing, and cladding have all risen in popularity over recent years. Being both aesthetically pleasing and a durable, flexible material copper is an attractive material for roofing solutions. We employ specialist tradesmen who are all well versed in working with copper and can offer expert roofing solutions drawing from a wealth of experience. 


Slate roofing


Zinc Roofing

MLR Slate Roofing has both commercial and residential experience in zinc roofing solutions, and have completed many zinc roofing projects in Sydney; check out the roofing gallery. Zinc offers longevity, is eco-friendly as it is recyclable, and is available in an array of colours, making it highly customisable. For all zinc roofing solutions in Narrabeen, the MLR Slate Roofing team are the local experts. 

Lead Roofing

Lead has consistently been a popular material choice for roofing solutions, such as cladding, pipes, gutters, and rainwater heads. Whether installing or repairing lead roofing, it is important that the job is done professionally to prevent damage to your property. Working with lead demands expertise and experience, both of which MLR Slate Roofing have plenty. Choose the best for your lead roofing, and get in touch with us about any lead roofing inquiries. 

Timber Shingles And Shakes

Traditionally known as Timber Cladding, timber shingles are typically associated with mountain style cabins or American homes. Shakes are an old fashion variation of the timber shingle and offer a rustic appearance. The MLR Slate Roofing team has vast experience in timber shingles and shakes, working with high-grade timbers such as Western Red Cedar and Blue Label Cedar, and offer a large selection of great quality shingles and shakes. We are the local experts for all timber shingles and shakes roofing solutions in Narrabeen, and can help you with any repair work or installations that you may need.

All Roofing Repairs

The MLR Slate Roofing team prides itself on delivering you the best service and displaying the highest quality of craftsmanship and expertise on every repair project. We are extremely, effective, efficient, qualified and experienced in roofing, and can meticulously repair your property’s roof according to your budget and schedule. 

Why MLR Slate Roofing?

The MLR Slate Roofing team are the local experts in Narrabeen, whether it be repairs, re-roof, or an enhancement to an existing structure, MLR delivers precision and quality every time. Matt Rimmer has over 26 years of experience managing roofing projects of all scales, successfully completing projects for many heritage properties, commercial properties, and residential properties across Greater Sydney and NSW. You can rest assured MLR is the best for the job.

  • All projects are closely managed by our ‘Master Roofer’ and Managing Director Matt Rimmer
  • We stand behind our quality work, ask about our current warranty offers
  • Best Use of Slate Award Winner 2016 & 2017
  • Members of the Roofing Industry Association of New South Wales, and The Master Builders Association of New South Wales