Slate Roofing Services


New or Re-roofing. We’ve got you covered.

Are you considering a slate roof? Learning some of the benefits of slate roofing may help you decide if slate is the right choice for your project.

Slate is widely praised for being the perfect combination of quality and aesthetic appeal. It is made of 100 per cent natural stone which makes it quite durable, sometimes even outlasting the buildings they are installed on. Slate is fireproof, which gives your roof extra protective qualities in the event of a fire disaster. Disasters aside, the everyday advantage of slate comes from its insulative properties, which can help reduce energy costs and the carbon footprint of your building.

Slate roof tiles are a fantastic eco-friendly option. As they are made from natural stone, they don’t emit VOCs or any other polluting substances into the air. Slate comes in many styles and shades, offering a unique and natural appeal worth considering for any homeowner or property developer.


Is your current roof looking a bit run down? It might just be time to give up on investing in countless repairs and have an expert from MLR conduct a roofing inspection. We can work with you to come up with a solution that best suits your needs and desires, and give you that roof that you’ve always wanted. Contact for an obligation free quote – at a time that suits you.

Our slate roofing services include new slate roof installation and help with re-slating a roof for you to:

  • Increase the value of your property
  • Create a safer and more comfortable living environment
  • Improve the aesthetic appeal of your house
  • Minimise the energy bill
  • Live more eco-consciously

Whatever the reason may be, if the time has come for a slate roof replacement – we are the team for you.

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More reasons to choose MLR

MLR Slate Roofing is run by an award-winning master roofer – Matthew Rimmer. The MLR team is renowned for having the skills, knowledge, and dedication to work, that are required to be successful in the Sydney roofing industry.

As a result, we can now proudly say that MLR Slate Roofing is leading the industry by example. We use only the best materials and cutting-edge equipment, which allows us to complete every project to perfection, right down to the last detail.

Contact MLR Slate Roofing to learn how we can assist with your slate roof installation.


Our track record speaks for itself. With over 25 years of providing accurate, effective slate roofing results to homeowners and organisations across Sydney, we have built a reputation as a first-class slate restoration and installation company.

Our Comprehensive Services Have Your Roof Needs Covered

MLR Slate Roofing knows that each client who comes our way arrives with a set of unique requirements. To be able to meet them all, we continually work on expanding our list of roofing services. There are no two houses that are completely the same, which is why we don’t rely on a cookie cutter approach. We emphasise how important it is to first take a look at the roof in question, determine its state, and then decide on the best approach to repairing it to serve you as the very first day you installed it. Yes, slate roofing is our primary specialty, but since the MLR Slate Roofing was established we worked on employing only the most skilled roofers we could find to be able to meet your expectations. What is more, we never stop learning and building our skillset. For a more detailed list of our roofing services, check out the list below. 

We repair and install slate roofing primarily but we are also skilled in a wide range of roofing techniques and materials. Your full list of services will ensure that we are your one-stop roofing solution that you can rely on no matter how big of a roofing project awaits you.

MLR Slate Roofing in Sydney offers:

  • Slate re-roofing
  • Replacing and repairing slate as required
  • Installing new slate roofing
  • Installing and /or repair of timber shakes
  • Valley replacements
  • Ridge capping, renovation of bedding and pointing
  • Skylight installation
  • Copper downpipes and gutters
  • Zinc roofing and cladding
  • Specialising in Heritage restorations

We are ready for any challenge you present us with! Contact us right away to chat with one of our roofing professionals – tell us about your needs and we will provide a free, no obligation quote. 

MLR Slate Roofing in Sydney is the most trusted partner you can find in the area to help you restore the old roof and make it shine once again! Invest in our slate roofing services today and we guarantee you are getting a solution to last a lifetime – better yet, two lifetimes!